Camp Badger


Camp Badger Devon & Cornwall exists to accommodate activists in north Devon & Cornwall during the badger cull.

The camp boasts warm and dry sleeping spaces, access to toilet, shower and kitchen facilities and a large communal meeting space.

For directions to camp, please contact campbadgerdc[AT] (replace [AT] with @ – this is a spam counter-measure). Please give us at least a day’s notice before arriving at camp, so we can make sure that someone is around to let you in. The camp phone number is 07717473305.

Please bring a sleeping bag, rollmat / camp bed, and food for yourself. Food donations are shared between campers and communal cooked meals are sometimes on offer as well. Tea & coffee is always free.

Donations towards the camp fund, as well as vegan food donations, are always appreciated. The less time is spent on food shopping and cooking meals, the more time activists can spend out in the field saving badgers! Please contact the camp organisers on campbadgerdc[AT] for directions to camp or for information on your local drop-off point for food donations.

There is a camp wishlist on the facebook page, in addition to an Amazon wishlist.

Please note!

  • No animal products are allowed on site. All food cooked in the kitchen is vegan. 
  • Camp Badger Devon & Cornwall is a drug-free and alcohol-free camp.
  • Dogs are currently not permitted on site, for the safety of the many rescued animals that live on site.