Cull Zones

The cull was extended to four new zones in Devon & Cornwall in 2016 and a further four zones in Devon were added in autumn 2017. In 2018 there will be very few areas in Devon that won’t be affected by the cull, and we are expecting new zones in Cornwall as well. If you want to get involved to help us save lives, or have information that might be of use to us for the 2018 cull, please get in touch.


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New zones in 2017

Mid Devon: 563 km2. Cull company JRD Westcountry.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.19.00

North Devon: 433km2. Cull company Tor Group Ltd.

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South Devon: 249km2. Cull company DCX Services Ltd.

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North-west Devon: 206km2.

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Zones which started in 2016 (going into their 3rd year of culling in 2018)

North-west Devon and Cornwall: 431km2. Cull company WFWT Limited.

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North-east Cornwall and Devon (two zones): 665km2 (combined). One of the cull companies is KNCRS Limited.

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South Hams: 567km2. Cull company TCF Limited.

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