Get Involved

Get involved to stop the cull! Culling takes place over six weeks in late August, September and early October each year. There is plenty of work to be done at other times, as badgers face persecution year-round. 

New for Devon in 2018! Devon now has regional sub-groups. Consult the map below to find your local group and get in touch to offer your help.

If you live over the border in Somerset, Dorset or Cornwall, one of the Devon groups might still be your closest group. If in doubt, contact the local group and they will let you know how you can help.

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Mid Devon

Mid Devon Badger PatrolFacebook. Email to middevonbadgerpatrol [AT] Phone 07733800192.

South Devon

Teignbridge Against the Badger Cull. Facebook. Email to mail.teignbridgeabc [AT]

East Devon

East Devon Against the Badger Cull. Facebook. Email to dcabc16 [AT] Phone 07533 899928.

West Devon

West Devon Against the Badger Cull. Facebook. Email to dcabc16 [AT] Phone 07533 899928.

North Devon

North Devon Against the Badger Cull. Facebook. Email to ndabc2017 [AT] Phone 07960 012272.

For Cornwall, contact cabc [AT] or message them via Facebook.

In each case replace [AT] with @ – this is a spam counter-measure!


Here are some of the things you can get involved in!


* Come sett-surveying!

This work happens at all times of the year. Without knowledge of where badger setts are, we cannot protect them. Local groups can provide training on how to look for badger setts and often organise group sett surveying days. All you need to bring is enthusiasm and some decent footwear! We need volunteers to help us with this crucial work throughout the year.


* Help us raise awareness! 

Many people still don’t know badger culling is happening in their area. Local groups organise leaflet drops, street stalls and public meetings in areas affected by the cull. We always need volunteers to help with these activities.

* Adopt a sett! 

Sadly the cull is seen as a green light by many to illegally persecute badgers. Since the culls began we have been finding more evidence of blocked badger setts, dug-out setts, cruel snares illegally placed on badger runs and poison left near sett entrances. We desperately need volunteers to ‘adopt’ some of the most vulnerable setts, including those that have been targeted previously, and keep an eye on them throughout the year.

* Become a badger rescue driver! 

The Devon Badger Group run a 24/7 emergency helpline for sick or injured badgers: 07710 971988. If you are a driver and want to become a badger rescue volunteer, contact the Devon Badger Group on devonbadgergroup [AT] They will provide all the necessary training, equipment and insurance.

* When the cull gets underway in the autumn, join a badger patrol! 

Badger patrols are perfectly legal. Groups of patrollers walk footpaths at night, carrying torches and wearing high vis jackets. The aim is to be a visible presence in the cull zone and to look out for shooters and injured badgers along the way. There are also regular daytime sett patrols. Bring food, water, a torch and some waterproofs if it’s looking like it might rain. Wear shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting muddy, as some of the footpaths cross wet and muddy terrain. Badger patrols save lives. 

* For other action during the cull, contact the hunt saboteur group for your area: 



South Devon Animal Rights. Facebook. Email to southdevonanimalrights [AT]




Devon County Hunt Saboteurs. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Email to devoncountysabs [AT], Phone 07717 473305




Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team. Facebook.


Support in other ways:

* Join our mailing list

* Send us information. Do you live in one of the cull zones? Is your neighbour culling badgers? Did you overhear something at the pub or in the queue at your local shop? Be our eyes and ears and contact the local group with any useful information.

* Organise a fundraiser! Could you organise a carboot sale, online auction, make t-shirt designs we can use to raise funds, donate artwork we can auction off, organise a sponsored walk, coffee morning or other event? When the cull starts we would like to be in a position to help cover expenses at Camp Badger, assist badger activists with their fuel costs, buy equipment etc. If you can’t make it to the cull zones then please have a think about how you could help us with fundraising.

* Donate to our awareness-raising fund! There are many people in Devon & Cornwall who are oblivious to the cull happening on their doorstep. Help us raise awareness by contributing to the cost of leaflets, stickers and posters and the hiring of stalls and meeting venues:

* Donate fuel money to groups that are busy in the cull zones. If you can’t make it to the zones yourself but would like to help those who can by contributing to their fuel costs. Fundraisers will be posted in due course.

* Run the Great Devon Badger Run to raise funds for our work!